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"I recently had the privilege of working with a counselor who truly redefines the meaning of trauma-informed practice. From the very first session, it became abundantly clear that Christina is more than just a therapist; she is a compassionate guide on the path to healing.   
What sets Christina apart is her unwavering warmth and genuine care for her clients. Her practice is a sanctuary of empathy and understanding especially for clients who struggle with PTSD and depression. She possesses the remarkable ability to create a safe and nurturing environment, where you feel not just heard, but truly seen. One of the most remarkable aspects of Christina's approach is her commitment to viewing the whole client and understanding their unique needs. She recognizes that trauma is not a one-size-fits-all experience and tailors her methods accordingly. Whether it's through talk therapy, EMDR, or other evidence-based practices, she customizes the treatment to align with what will benefit the individual most.  
What struck me the most was Christina's deep understanding of the mind-body connection. She encouraged me to explore not just the emotional scars but also how trauma had manifested physically in my life. This holistic approach was immensely valuable in my healing journey, as it allowed me to address all aspects of my well-being. Christina's trauma-informed practice is not limited to the clinical hour; it extends beyond that, showing a commitment to her clients' long-term well-being. She provided me with tools and coping strategies that I could carry with me in everyday life, helping me navigate the challenges of the real world. 
In addition to her professional competence, Christina's authenticity and kindness shone through. She demonstrated a remarkable ability to empathize without judgment, creating a space where vulnerability was not only encouraged but celebrated. This, in turn, fostered a profound sense of trust and allowed me to open up and heal in ways I never thought possible." - A. O.

"Not long after going through the most traumatic and heartbreaking time of my life, I realized that I needed professional counselling. After considering other counselling therapists I felt that Christina was the best counsellor to help me work through the traumatic events I experienced. From the first session with Christina, I felt comfortable discussing the tragic events I was dealing with and knew that she could help guide me through the long journey ahead to healing. Christina is compassionate and went above and beyond the call of duty. She always provided valuable resources and exercises to help me deal with the day-to-day stress and coping with daily challenges on my path to healing. Recognizing I was dealing with PTSD, we started on EMDR Therapy, which was an emotional and draining process. With every session I felt I was on a positive path to recovery. I am thankful for everything Christina has done to help me navigate through this difficult time of my life and for providing the guidance I needed to be patient with myself as I grieve the loss of my best friend and wife for 42 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Christina’s understanding, empathy and knowledge of what was the best therapy for my situation. I highly recommend Christina for anyone requiring counselling and therapy from an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate professional." - M.W.

"Christina is by far the best counsellor I have worked with! She is highly compassionate, genuine, caring, and went above and beyond to help me work through my difficulties. She adjusted her techniques to best suit my needs and I was able to open up to her about things I never felt comfortable sharing with other counsellors that I had seen in the past. I would definitely recommend seeing her, especially if typical counselling has not worked for you in the past." - L.D.

"If you are looking for an experienced, educated, professional and compassionate therapist that specializes in complex trauma, cultural differences and many other areas of expertise, I highly recommend Christina James! Her kind, calm and patient approach along with her understanding and eye opening insights have been extremely helpful and supportive. She is excellent at EMDR which has been pivotal in working through trauma from many years ago. This does not have to be a long process if you receive the proper therapy with an experienced and certified counsellor which is often hard to find. Christina's ability to quickly come up with a collaborative and effective treatment plan has been very successful in helping me move through some challenging events. She is confident in knowing what will work best for each individual and listens to what your needs are so you can agree on how to move forward together. I have felt heard, validated, respected and safe to express myself without feeling judged. It is critical to build trust and be vulnerable, open and honest which is easy with Christina because she truly cares and walks beside you every step of the way. Christina makes sure you are comfortable, ready and meets you where you are at. She is dependable, flexible, responsive, follows through with what she agrees on and goes the extra mile when needed. Christina is also wonderful with children and has many strategies for play therapy to engage and connect with youth. She is a great listener and explains things in a clear and relevant manner for any age group to understand. It's hard to fully put into words the connection Christina makes and the impact she has. If you are ready to make changes to improve your life, I know Christina can help you navigate that with her nurturing nature and incredible skill set!" - A.S.
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